My passion for the birthing process began in 1993 while volunteering at a midwifery clinic in the Phillipines.  Since then I have worked to incorporate this passion into a meaningful career by training to become a Registered Nurse specializing in Labour and Delivery, a Breastfeeding Counsellor, a Doula, a certified prenatal yoga instructor, a Second Attendant and a Mother of two.

Prior to having our first child, I felt prepared for labour but I didn’t realize how many questions I would face once she arrived. Belly to Baby not only prepares you and your birth partner for labor and delivery, but also guides you through the questions and answers that arise after your baby’s arrival.

My hope is that you will cherish your birth experience as a precious and empowering time in your life. I want women to be satisfied with their birth experience and be informed in their expectations. It is important that your birth partners feel involved in the process and appreciate the value of their role in this unique experience.

Belly to Baby was founded in 2004 inspired by the birth of our first child.  While I was on maternity leave I worked hard, between naps and breastfeeding, at writing a practical curriculum for childbirth education.  The month following our firstborn’s first birthday, Belly to Baby was launched.

The courses have evolved over time from being a “Weekend Course” to “Prenatal In a Day” with the offering of private classes too.  Currently “Prenatal in a Day” classes are offered in Vancouver, BC.  Private classes are currently offered in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Canmore and Banff.

After 11 years of employment at Women’s Hospital as a Certified Perinatal Nurse specializing in Labour and Delivery my family decided to relocate to Alberta in 2012.  I am currently working as a Family Health Nurse at The Copeman Healthcare Centre in Calgary, AB.

I continue to fly to Vancouver every 6-8 weeks to teach Belly to Baby’s “Prenatal In A Day” classes in downtown Vancouver, BC.



My goal is to empowering you to make informed decisions about your baby and  birth experience.

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